Non-governmental organization (NGO), Lebanon

Haven for Artists is an all-inclusive queer feminist arts organization (NGO) based in Beirut, Lebanon, working at the intersection of art and activism. Haven combines creative and humanitarian methods to facilitate a safe space for the exchange of knowledge, tools, and skills in-order to create a more just world.

Vision & Mission

HFA believes that art is uniquely able to explain complex sociocultural issues in an accessible way to a diverse audience in a non-confrontational manner. To this end, HFA connects talented artists from the Middle East with advocacy groups, activists, and NGOs striving to further human rights, particularly concerning LBTQIA+ persons and women.

Our work

Founded in 2011 by artists and activists, Haven began with large events promoting local and regional artists, growing to include annual exhibitions, a gallery and a residency program with international, regional, and local artists.

HFA renovated two heritage houses in Beirut which acted as a cultural safe space and shelter for LGBTQIA+ and women’s community, hosting multiple and regular events, workshops, panels and public discussions.

By extending its network, skills, and tools to work on numerous campaigns for human rights, HFA provided a platform and network for talented creatives to extend the reach of art and activism.

Main programs / services

Haven for Artists host/produce:

– Regular visual exhibitions

– Festivals, concerts & cultural events

– Roundtables, workshops & creative forums

– Advocacy and humanitarian campaigns

Etihad Projects

Other Partners

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