Four Walls campaign

Four Walls campaign

Four Walls

Awareness Campaign, Egypt.

Project Description

Creating a list of LGBTQIA+ friendly places in Egypt to enable the creation of a participatory space between LGBTQIA+ people that allows them to add new safe places as they find them. The project further provides an opportunity to report any incidents of abuse that LGBTQIA+ people may encounter throughout Egypt and document areas where they were abused or stigmatized. Thus, LGBTQIA+ people in Egypt benefit from the possibility of finding safe spaces in an easier way preventing or limiting exposure to any harassment or problem.


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The main goals of this project are:

– Providing safe spaces at health and social service providers, civil society organizations, and the workplace.

– Encouraging civil society organizations to include LGBTQIA+ people in their activities.

– Monitoring LGBTQIA+-friendly places in Cairo, among the LGBTQIA+ people themselves.

Project Development

The advocacy project was implemented to create safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people in Egypt and Jordan. Implementation started on 9/15/2019 and the project lasted for about 4 and a half months.

To implement the Four Walls project, two trainings were conducted for the staff members on local advocacy and fieldwork. Then a strategic meeting was held to set up communication mechanisms during the project with business partners.

The project documented also a number of cases where violence occurred against LGBTQIA+ people in public places, through a series of private interviews with concerned persons, service providers, and civil society organizations.

In a related context, service providers and members of civil society organizations were trained on gender, and LGBTQIA+ people were introduced to the project through sessions and campaigns on social media.

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