Non-governmental organization (NGO), Egypt and Sudan.

Established on 14 July 2010, Bedayaa Organization works to promote the safe expression of sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions and sex characteristics’ rights in the Nile Valley area (Egypt & Sudan).

Bedayaa’s values are no discrimination, respect human rights, and bolster equity, integrity and accountability.


Bedayaa’s vision is a society free of stigmatization and discrimination that respects the rights of individuals with different gender identities and sexual orientation in Egypt and Sudan.


Bedayaa’s mission is to create spheres for LGBTQIA+ community members in the Nile Valley where they can safely communicate, exchange experiences, and access legal and health services.

Goals / objectives

The organization objectives are:

1) facilitating access to health services for LGBTQIA+ persons,

2) enable protection and legal aid for LGBTQIA+ persons,

3) building the capacity of the LGBTQIA+ community members and activists,

4) advocating to challenge/abolish the discriminative laws based on SOGIESC,

5) raising awareness on SOGIESC rights through campaigning and lobbying.

Main programs / services

Bedayaa main programs:

– The Health Programme

– The Legal Aid and Emergency Response Programme

– The Training and Capacity Building Programme

– The Religion and Queer Issues Programme

– The Research and Documentation Programme

Etihad Projects

Other Partners

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