Non-governmental organization (NGO), Sudan

Shades of Ebony was founded in the 21st of January 2017.

Shades of Ebony is a group of Sudanese LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies in Sudan and Sudanese diaspora who are working on advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights as an essential human right.


A community where LGBTQIA+ rights are provided and protected and where LGBTQIA+ individuals able to access all services free of stigma and discrimination.


To create an environment where LGBTQIA+ individuals are able to access all their rights as part of the society and to develop a narrative that both scientifically and socially recognizes the LGBTQIA+ community as part of the rich and diverse nature of human identities.

Goals / objectives

Shades of Ebony main objectives:

– To work on providing scientific based resources as an access point to identify the diversity within sexual orientation, gender identity & expression and sex characteristics.

– To work on ensuring the fair and discrimination free access to services for the LGBTQIA+ community.

– To work on the full recognition and inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ rights as an essential human right by the Sudanese CSOs.

Areas of interest

Shades of Ebony areas of interest:

– Developing research and scientific papers regarding the livelihoods of the LGBTQIA+ community in Sudan to provide a legitimate source of information and raise the visibility of SOGIESC issues within the academia community.

– Expanding the safe space for other LGBTQIA+ individuals and organizations to be able to implement their activities.

– Working with the service providers on the basis of providing service to Sudan’s LGBTQIA+ community with zero stigma and discrimination which ensures safe and quality services.

– Strengthening the network within the LGBTQIA+ movement in Sudan as well as between the movement and larger Sudanese civil society.

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