Etihad Online Community Organizers

Etihad Online Community Organizers

Community Building Workshop and Recruitment of Community Organizers

Training dates

June 14-30, 2022

Deadline for application: 25 May 2023

Target countries: Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon 

?Are you passionate about LGBTIQ issues and rights

?Can you dedicate 4 hours/week of your time to support this cause

?Are you active on social media and have an inclination to things technological

?Are you social and love to interact with others

?Are you interested in organizing networks and communities to drive change

If yes, please read on…

The community organizer is a key person who will drive engagement with Etihad online events, discussions and activities. Their role is to promote Etihad activities and drive engagement of LGBTIQ communities and activists with the Etihad online space. 


Etihad is a project that has created a space for LGBTIQ groups in six MENA countries to jointly work together to increase the acceptance of LGBTIQ rights in the region. This is done through capacity building, collaborative campaigning and enabling a learning and sharing environment. 

Under the restrictions entailed by the COVID19 pandemic, Etihad’s activities were mainly done remotely. This has prompted a need to consolidate Etihad’s virtual presence. This virtual presence will be further enhanced through structured activities using secure online platforms and a structured approach to community mobilization and increased engagement of community members with issues of common interest. 

The role

The community organizers (COs) will be recruited from the staff, volunteers, members or networks of Etihad’s partners (see attached list). The COs will be vetted for security as well as abilities to fulfill the role. Etihad will initially train 12 potential CSOs on selected community organizing topics and security skills and select the top 6 participants to be recruited for the role. The details of the recruitment process will be shared after the training. The recruited COs will be contracted for 12 months and are expected to dedicate 4 hours per week to the task. An honorarium of $150/month will be given to the COs and will be paid in two installments at 6-month intervals. While this compensation is seen as an incentive, this role is expected to be filled by activists who are passionate about human rights and LGBTIQ issues and willing to invest their time and effort to advance community-building efforts to increase impact and make change in the lives of queer people in the region.

Ideally, Etihad will recruit one CO from each country.


The CO will be the spearhead of the online space, and working with the Etihad team and partners, they will be engaged in the following efforts.

  • Promotion

The COs will work with the Etihad project team and Etihad partners to promote Etihad online activities within their networks. This will include posting on social media or directly contacting members of their networks with information about the events that encourage participation. Security measures will be taken into account to protect all people involved. Activities include community meet-ups, online panel discussions and live interviews and social media campaigns that aim to alter public perceptions about queer people’s rights and advance the causes the community struggles to advocate for. 

  • Mobilization

The Cos will work to mobilize the LGBTIQ community to join the Etihad space activities and contribute to planning its activities through responding to polls and being part of discussions. Continued mobilization of community members will help grow and sustain the community and provide an ever-widening space for participation.

  • Engagement

The COS will participate in all Etihad online events and play a role in driving engagement through posing questions or providing input such as comments or answers to questions to create a positive and vibrant atmosphere that will encourage community members to maintain their participation in future events. 

This space is a horizontal place where all members are equally encouraged and expected to participate, engage and contribute. 

If you are passionate about advancing LGBTIQ rights in the MENA region and believe in building a healthy and coherent community, then this may be something you should consider. 

To apply for the community organization and movement building training, please complete the form no longer than April 15th, 2022. 


Passionate about LGBTIQ++ rights

Active in the LGBTIQ++ movement or exposed to it

Be a member of the LGBTIQ++ community in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Tunis or Algeria

Have a good command of English and Arabic

Familiar with online tools and social media platforms

Able to dedicate 4 hours per week to the role including training

Have a network of LGBTIQ++ people in your country

Familiar with basic digital security principles

You have to be endorsed by one of Etihad’s partners (see list)

Can be vetted and verified

Do you have any questions?

Email us at:

To Apply



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